Hello everybody, and welcome to my home page! 🙂

It has been awhile since I had a permanent appearance on the World Wide Web. I remember I was one of the first persons publishing Portuguese contents on the web, specially informative contents about management and IT.

Since that time, a lot of things changed on the web and in my life. The web has changed for a connected reality – we are no more only connected to the internet, but connected between ourselves. Now, it is easy to follow what everyone else is doing, and the challenge is to filter who we would like to follow, and to what information we want to have access, because we just can’t process everything.

Regarding myself, my IT profession took me the time and the strength to have a persistent presence on the web. I am almost all the day around computers, so I try to do other things in my leisure time.

However, this new nature of the Internet appears in my eyes as a way to simplify my professional and private life, because now I can connect more easily with persons that I wouldn’t easily connect in the real world.

So, why am I here? The primary goal of my home page is to publish and maintain my CV and other information regarding my professional achievements. That is why I present my professional and academic background. This information is complemented with a portfolio section where I talk about some challenges I faced in my professional life and how I overcome those challenges. I do believe that I can give you good piece of advice about using IT to solve business problems, because that is what I do most of the time, and that is what I like to do most.

Although the main goal of this site is not to be a blogger, I also have a blog section. This blog section gives me the opportunity to share with you my ideas and thoughts not always directly related with my professional life, but that as influence in the way I manage my life and profession. In this blog, I will break one of the most important rules for a successfully blog: I will not blog about a specific topic like a good blog should do (I will explain this better in a future post about SEO performance). Instead, I will blog about everything I like which is a lot, you can have sure about that. From science to religion, from extra-terrestrials to sports, everything I believe I should talk about, I will talk. I don’t care about the golden blog’s rules, because I don’t intend to make money with this site. As I told you, this site is just a way to present myself and to be connected with interesting people.

Finally, I will give you most of my social fingerprints so that you can follow me in your preferred social network. I am not present in all social networks, that would be impossible to manage, but I choose the ones that most people use and that embrace the most important social networks specialization: network of friends (Facebook); network of professional colleagues (LinkedIn); network of sharing nice photos about our day life (Instagram); network of small easy notices (twitter). You can find information about me and these social networks in the footer of all pages in my web site.

Don’t forget that you can easily reach me using my contact form, or using any of the social networks I am using.  Also, bear in mind that I am maintaining my home page in Portuguese and English language. You can choose your preferred language in the upper left corner of the site’s home page.



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